October 24, 2014: The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan had the honor of hosting the signing of the contract between the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority and Tsuchiya Corporation for the Project for Rehabilitation and Expansion of Aircraft Parking Aprons at Kabul International Airport (phase 2).

On the 21st of October, Tsuchiya Corporation was the successful bidder to undertake the latest development project for Kabul International Airport. On October the 24th, a delegation from the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority including the Deputy Director General Mr. Mahmood Shah Habibi, and the President of Kabul International Airport, Mr. Muhammad Yaqub Rassuli, attended a reception to sign the agreement with Tsuchiya Corporation’s Senior Corporate Officer, Overseas Division, Mr. Matsushita. Gyros Corporation President Mr. Takao Yamaguchi was also present.


In a passionate speech to the reception, H.E. Ambassador Dr. Fatimie praised this latest project which again sees Japan at the forefront of the international community’s efforts to further develop Afghanistan’s social and economic infrastructure. Mr. Matsushita was sincerely thanked for his company’s dedication and commitment to carry out Phase 2 of the rehabilitation of Kabul International Airport which will ensure that the airport can continue its role as a major infrastructure asset for the advancement of Afghanistan’s future.


Mr. Mahmood Shah Habibi stressed the importance of this project to create additional facilities for aircraft due to the ever increasing amount of both domestic and international air traffic at Kabul International Airport. Mr. Muhammad Yaqub Rassuli emphasized that there was a full commitment to carry out the development within the framework of the contract which will ensure the project’s successful outcome.

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