Mr. Ashraf Baburi attended the Class of International Understanding at Kuriyama Elementary School.


June 19, 2018: Mr. Baburi, Administrative and Accounting Affairs, had great pleasure in visiting Kuriyama Elementary School to participate in the Class of International Understanding event where six countries to include Afghanistan and Japan were represented.


The class was divided into six islands where each country was represented and it provided a unique and in-depth educational experience for the students. In addition, the students were given the opportunity to learn about the cultural aspects of Afghanistan and the positive relationship with Japan as well as ask questions about Afghanistan. The students were also able to try on clothes and take personal pictures providing a deeply cultured experience with take home pamphlets available for all the students. Lunch followed soon after and the students were able to continue to engage in conversation on the topics of Afghanistan and Japan.

With the visit completed, Mr. Baburi thanked the students and staff for their time and expressed sincere appreciation for the opportunity. Representing the Embassy, Mr. Baburi is committed to fostering a depth of knowledge and supporting positive community relations, and hopes to continue to attend such events many times in the future.