Internship and Volunteer Applications

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tokyo welcomes well-qualified, professionally minded, excellent students interested in a unique opportunity within the Embassy’s Internship Program to apply for a chance to be considered for a coveted vacancy in the program and to gain valuable experience. The Interns of the Embassy of Afghanistan's Internship Program truly garner a chance opportunity working one-on-one with the Embassy staff and Diplomats. Therefore, this experience affords a chance to exchange knowledge and learn from each member of the Embassy team! Working in an Embassy is a privilege that few people get to experience, so if you are well qualified, take advantage of this opportunity to learn first-hand how the various sections of the Embassy operate.

The internship is a non-paid program.

Qualifications and General duties, please see below:


•Open to all majors or fields of study; It is not limited to International Relations major.

Must be available to work at least 2 full-days each week [a full-day being from 9:30AM to 17:00 PM]; in principle working 1 month or longer.

• Must be reliable to adhere to a fixed schedule.

• Be prompt and responsible. Professionalism with regard to scheduling is a must-have characteristic for the ideal Intern.

• Computer skills:Strong applicants will have good knowledge of computer systems, MS Office related software; with bonus points for acuity in Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat.

• Ability to lift, carry, or otherwise move everyday objects.

• Good memory and the ability to concentrate on tasks; willingness to learn and to understand about a new culture; must possess the ability to adapt and work as part of a team in a multicultural environment but also have a strong sense of responsibility, common sense & logic to work independently with minimal supervision at times.

• Comply with the instructions and deadlines given by the internship supervisor.

• Keep confidential all proprietary information, and documents. For this purpose, all interns must sign the “Confidentiality Obligations” contract.


The internship program is open to applicants regardless of their citizenship or nationality. The program is designed for undergraduate, postgraduate students or recent graduates. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate high school students or younger applicants. The Embassy of Afghanistan will not offer a Certificate of Sponsorship for foreign internship applicants that require employment visa.

Interns are expected to contribute to the day-to-day work of the Embassy & consulate, assist with administrative duties, help with daytime receptions, and help to promote the Embassy's mission of introducing Afghanistan's culture, trade, history, and events to the host country of Japan.

Application and selection process:

Interns are selected on a competitive basis. We accept applications year-round and process intern candidates for the program as vacancy opportunities open up, as such there is no set deadline for applications - it's on an as-need basis and constantly revolving. However, the selection process is competitive with a limited number of positions available. Therefore please understand the following:

•We will only contact those short-listed candidates.

•Short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview and an in-person evaluation.

•Within one week of the interview, a final decision letter will be sent to you.

•We may ask candidates to submit reference letter(s).

We will not be able to respond to queries on application status.

How to Apply:

Please complete and submit the INTERNSHIP APPLICATION FORM along with your CV/Resume, and a cover letter via to

In the subject line please put “Internship Application”

*Once the cover letter, Resume/CV, and application form are reviewed, ONLY QUALIFIED APPLICANTS WILL BE CONTACTED (to proceed with the application process and schedule an interview) if there is a vacancy in the program. The embassy will not use the information provided on the application form for purposes other than the internship consideration.