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اطلاعیه و طرزالعمل برای اخذ پاسپورت جدید الکترونیکی

Application for the Machine-Readable Passport (MRP) Ready

Please read [the announcement] thoroughly and carefully the following directions. (Click to download the [Passport application forms]). Please note that due to the introduction of the new passport system, the validity of the previous type of passport (handwritten) can only be extended for one year. Therefore, in cases where the validity of a passport is requested for more than 2 years, a new passport (the new type - MRP) must be applied for.

Attention: Student Passport bearers

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Required document(s)

Passport (MRP) New Application

JPY 14,400 + Shipping cost JPY 2,000

[click for forms] + Passport (if available), 4 photos, receipt of the fee payment. In the case of a new born child, 4 photos and birth certificate, parents' passports and marriage certificate are also required.

Driver’s License Translation

JPY 3,000

[click for forms] + driver's license, passport (copy acceptable). After confirmation of validity, 4 photos, blood type certificate, and receipt of the fee payment are required.

Special Power of Attorney

JPY 15,000

[click for forms] original document and 1 copy, receipt of the fee payment.

Trading Document

JPY 14,400

Original document(s)

ID Certificate

JPY 1,200

Identification, 4 photos, receipt of the fee payment. (additional documents may be requested.)

Diploma Attestation

JPY 600/seal

Original document(s)

Birth Certificate

JPY 1,200

[click to read the requirements] Passport, 4 photos, receipt of the fee payment. (additional document may be asked to submit.) [click for form]

Marriage Certificate

JPY 1,200 (free of charge if already certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)

[click for forms] Issued marriage certificate, passport/identification, 4 photos of husband and wife respectively. (additional document may be asked to submit.)

Marriage Document

JPY 6,000

Identification and photos. (additional document may be asked to submit.)

Unmarried Certificate*

JPY 2,400

[click for forms]

*only for those who began living in Japan before 18 years of age - others cannot be issued this certificate in Japan

Opening Hours for Document Application

9:30-12:00 on Monday – Friday

Payment of the Fee

The Embassy does not accept payments in cash. Payment must be made in Japanese Yen (JPY) using the inter-bank remittance system to the Embassy’s bank account shown below. (effective as of September 30, 2015)

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Azabu Branch (branch# 570)

Saving 0224388

Embassy of Afghanistan in Tokyo Consular Section Ambassador Bashir Mohabbat

When the payment is to be made internationally, or from outside Japan, the payment must fully cover the amount of the visa fee after the currency conversion into Japanese Yen; the exchange rate to Japanese Yen is determined by the bank of the embassy account on the day payment is reflected in the embassy's account; the visa fee is separate to any extra fee(s) that is/are imposed by the bank when making the payment, which are the responsibility of the applicant. Please note that there are cases of different kinds of fee(s) are charged by bank(s) depending on the origin of the payment from overseas.

Please enter the full name and contact phone number of the applicant as the payer. Travel agents can enter the name of their agency and contact phone number as the payer. When multiple applicants are paying the total amount of the fee as a group, it is acceptable that the payer name is one of the applicants. However, confirmation of the payment with the Consular section is advised.

Once it is paid to the embassy bank account, THE FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE. Therefore the embassy strongly recommends the applicant to contact the Consular section prior to the payment.

Shipping Costs for Transactions Handled by Mail

For those sending application/collecting document(s) visa mail from within Japan, please enclose an envelop with sufficient postages for registered mail (簡易書留 or 書留), or Letterpack (レターパック) envelop. For international delivery, please provide a courier’s account number that will bill you the shipping fees (pay-on-delivery).

Please do not make shipping fee payments to the Embassy either in cash or to the Embassy bank account. If paid to the Embassy, the Embassy will not refund the cost for any reason and will not use the money to pay shipping costs.

Inquiry +81-(0)3-5574-7612 (13:30-16:30 is recommended for sooner service availability)