Afghanistan to draft law enforcing copyright

Kabul, October 3, 2005 - Afghanistan is on course to formulate laws enforcing copyright for the first time to help writers, researchers and intellectuals prevent their original works from plagiarism. A commission, advised by international experts, has been set up to formulate the laws as soon as possible after carrying out a comprehensive study, information and culture and justice ministry officials said.

Sayed Fazl Sancharaki, deputy minister for information and culture, believed Afghanistan badly needed such legislation, which should have been put in place much earlier. "Authors of scholarly and scientific works have long been faced with problems in our country due to the absence of such laws."

Owing to the absence of copyright laws, authors, composers, playwrights, publishers and distributors cannot file damages suits if their exclusive publications, production, sales, or distribution of literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic works are used without permission or credit.