Iranian firm building roads in Afghanistan's Herat

Herat City, October 25, 2005 - An Iranian company Monday began work on asphalting a 10-kilometer road in Herat, a project that will be completed in a month at the cost of US$80,000. Herat's deputy mayor Aminullah Maihanyar said the road - linking at least six localities of the city - was being built with the municipality budget and people's contributions. The Iranian 115 Construction Company has also undertaken work on a 25 kilometer road plan funded by residents and the municipality. The US$2.5 million project will connect main arteries to Darwaza Kandahar and is fast nearing completion. Herat dweller Mahmood Ahmadi, aged 32, hailed the road project as a welcome step. He said though the government has moved slowly on the reconstruction front in the province, residents were happy over whatever was being done to pave the key routes.