Film Industry Returns to Afghanistan

23 September 2010: 'Black Tulip,' a motion picture about Afghanistan filmed locally, premiered in Kabul’s Ariana Cinema this month.

The movie, directed by and Sonia Nassery Cole, explores the struggles of a Kabul family that sets up an open mirophone poetry corner in the city after the ouster of the Taliban government in 2001.

Cole is the chairman and founder of the Afghanistan World Foundation, a charity dealing with the plight of refugees along with women’s rights.
Now, her film has been submitted by Afghanistan as a possible Academy Award winner for best foreign film in the Oscar competition.
Cole says she has already been rewarded.

Cole says “I wanted to tell a real story about the people who dream and who hope the way we do."

How was the film received?

Afghan film maker Mahmood Hashimi was in the packed audience. He said “"The movie is incredible in general, it is a great production and interesting and it keeps you interested."