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Infrastructure development connects more people

Construction work began this month on the Foladi Valley Road in Bamiyan with the assistance of Japan and the United Nations. The road will be paved for a stretch of 12.3 km and another 5.37 km will be covered with gravel in the valley; another 2 km of the road will be extended into Bamiyan New City and will be asphalted. Hon. Governor Habiba Sarabi was joined at the opening ceremony by H.E. Ambassador Reiichiro Takahashi and officials from the United Nations.

4.5 km road was asphalted and opened to the public early this month in Trenkot, Urozgan province throught the assistance of the Australian Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT). Hon. Governor Amir Mohammad Akhondzada expressed his gratitude to Australia and announced plans to launch other projects in Trenkot city.