New law on anti-terrorist financing introduced

Kabul, September 28, 2004 - The Afghan government has decided to introduce a new law, Presidential spokesman Jawed Ludin said Tuesday.

"Afghanistan as part of its commitment to keep on fighting against terrorists would soon introduce a new law to check and chock terrorists' financial income," he said at a news conference here.

"A draft, prepared by the Ministry of Justice and the central bank 'De Afghanistan Bank' after approval by the cabinet would be enacted by the president," he noted.

This is the first time that post-Taliban Afghanistan as a front-line ally of the United States in the ongoing war on terror is inking a new restriction on Taliban and their al-Qaeda and like-minded allies.

Remnants of the former fundamentalist regime are still receiving financial assistance from unknown circles both at home and abroad to keep on their hit-and-run activities in certain parts of the war-torn country.