Iran Plans to Increase Industrial Exports to Afghanistan

Tehran, September 30, 2004 - Iran plans to increase the total value of its industrial exports to Afghanistan this year by US$300 million.

The Ministry of Industries and Mines Director-General Ahmad Qasemi was quoted as saying that if the plan is achieved, the amount would mean a 50 per cent growth compared to the value of exports in the previous year.

Iran's total industrial and mineral exports to countries abroad reached $4 billion during the said period, he added.

He said his ministry has set a target of US$1.5 billion until the end of the year (March 20, 2005).

Currently, Iran exports more than 1000 kinds of industrial products to countries abroad such as medicines, detergents, chemical and petrochemical substances, plastics and melamine, tires, cellulose, mineral products, various kinds of metals and fabrics, thread, synthetic fibers, shoes, cars and auto spare parts.