"Three Dots" Wins Best Award

Kabul, September 30, 2004 – The Cultural Institute of Rouzana ('Opening') dedicated to promotion of women’s affairs recently launched a film festival called "Glimpse of Women's Greatness."

During the festival, feature and documentary films produced by Afghan film artists on the topic of women were displayed. At the end of the festival, a film called “Three Dots” by 23-year old Roya Sadat, a female political science student-turned-producer from Herat University won the first prize.

"Three Dots" is the tale of a young Afghan widow victimized by Afghan tribal customs. Gul Afroz, the victim in the story is forcibly wedded to a drug dealer. When her youngest son’s life is threatened by disease, she asks the local Khan or baron for help. The Khan in return suggests her enrollment as a smuggler trafficking narcotics into Iran. Caught by Iranian authorities, she is then condemned to a life-long prison sentence.

Sadat explains that in the aftermath of seven-year drought, many villagers involuntarily resorted to drug cultivation as a means of livelihood. The movie was filmed in Herat’s Ghorian district, where at times the crew was forced by local armed men to continue their work elsewhere.

"Three Dots" is the first film enrolling female actors outside capital Kabul. Gul Afroz believes traditional reactions will definitely follow the release of the film, hoping that people will know her by the character’s name and not by her real name.

The music for the film was produced by Masood Hasanzadah, a poet and a musician, who has combined cultural symbols and folkloric melodies performed by traditional Afghan instruments.

“Three Dots” was financed by Roya Sadat and her friends.