Internship and Volunteer Applications

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Tokyo strives to better the bilateral relation between Afghanistan and Japan. With limited information about Afghanistan except those highlighted by media coverage, our mission is to initiate better learning and understanding of Afghanistan. Our Embassy, with its small and intimate environment, welcomes interested individuals for both credit and non-credit Internships, to join our team and help us in a number of sections. Interns are accepted through the Cultural Affairs/Public Relations Office and most duties are related to that department, but Interns and Volunteers alike are likely to also work closely with the resident diplomats in the Political, Consular, Administration, and Business sections. In this way, we are hopeful to guide perspective interns to expand their knowledge about Afghanistan and the region, relation with Japan, Singapore, Philippines; enhance and learn skills; and explore future career thought.

Qualifications and General duties, please click and see below:



Programs Offered:

The embassy is willing to partner with universities as applicable to offer Credit internships, however Non-Credit internships and volunteer programs are also available. Those willing to work longer are given preference.

For those seeking Internships in return for credit at an academic institution, you must first get the approval of your institution. The embassy can issue an evaluation at the end of applicant's tenure.

The internship is a non-paid program. The embassy will not offer any assistance to the intern financially or logistically.


Days of Internship or Volunteering will be decided upon acceptance. Further arrangement about the schedule will be discussed with Public Relations Officer.

Former interns have gone on to:

Work in full-time positions at our Embassy, the United Nations, the World Bank, Chambre of Commerce of some countries, media and more.

How to Apply:

Submit your INTERNSHIP APPLICATION FORM (click for the link) via e-mail or post

*Spaces in the application document can be changed more or less depending on the amount of information needed to be filled in. The pages of the form, however, must be 2 pages as originally set. If you find 2 pages are not enough, add extra page(s) after the second page of the form, and mention on the first or the second page that the additional information is written on the extra page. Save as PDF format, and attach to the email for submission. Additionally, please provide your CV/Resume.

Application can be accepted one month prior to the applicant's desired internship starting date. For international applications, six weeks prior.


the subject must be "INTERN APPLICATION"

Postal Address: 2-2-1 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0041

attn: Cultural Affairs/Public Relations Office (Internship)

*The applicant will only be contacted to the listed email address once the application form is reviewed. The embassy will not use the information provided on the application form for other purpose than the internship consideration.